• 1Self Service Portal
  • 2Attendance System
  • 3Centralized Leave Management
  • 4Simplify Payroll
  • 5Statutory Compliance
  • 6HR Analytics
  • 7Performance Management
  • 8Recruitment

Streamline your support and make customers happy

HRIS 365 is the customer support software that gives you everything you need to delight your customers.

Self Service Portal

Let your employees update their personal information, Skill Sets, Dependant, Leaves and Check-in/out.

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HR Analytics

Right enabler in your strategic decision making, power to customize reports as per company needs.

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Simplify Payroll

Highly Configurable, easy and dynamic solution capable of handling all statutory and regulatory compliances across multiple geographies.

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Personal information, Skill Sets,
Dependant, Leaves and Check-in/out

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Centralized Leave Management

Have Customized Leave Rule as per company policy. Set Training Leave Request as well as Business Trip Request.

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Attendance System

Easy integration with any access/biometric system and eliminate hassle of maintaining hours and attendance.

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Performance Management

Appraisal system developed on foundation of being open and transparent system to boost employee moral.

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Statutory Compliance

Personal information, Skill Sets,
Dependant, Leaves and Check-in/outM

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