Centralized Leave Management

  • Extensive Leave Management
  • Customizable Leave Plans/Codes
  • Leave Accrual Leaves
  • Leave Encashment and Carry Forward
  • Sandwich Leave
  • Team Leave Calendar

Leave Variants

Software will help in creating different leave variants like PL, CL, Sick Leave, Paternity & Maternity Leaves, Loss of Pay and others and set rules across different classification of employees, departments, locations, branches and grade/cadre.

Customizable Leave Policies

Every organization has different leave policy depending on type of employee classification.

The software will allow you to create your own rules and regulations like:

  • Whether leave can be encash or not? If Yes is there any cap
  • Whether leave can be lapsed or carry forward? If carry forward is there any limits
  • Whether it is sandwich leave like leaves should include holidays and weekends or not
  • Whether there is half day or flexible timing or fixed hours per day/week/month/year
  • Number of days maximum leaves can be taken?
  • Setting Overtime and Compensatory off

Leave Requests and Approvals

Go Paperless or forget tracking your mail trails.

All employee leave request are routed to their functional and/or technical manager.

Employees can even cancel their leaves or managers can reject mentioning the comments.

Managers can view their sub-ordinates leaves calendar across dashboard to monitor replacements and delegations of authorities.

Hurray! It’s Holiday

Company can publish holidays based country-wise, state-wise, location-wise, departments-wise, accessible across organization.

HR Manager can even declare unplanned holidays in case of unfortunate events like heavy rainfalls, earthquakes, riots, and other government announcements.

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