“Everything that’s free today will be free tomorrow and forever” – https://hris365.com


We understand where you’re coming from. Not so long ago we were a start up and couldn’t afford to pay the costs of these expensive employee management applications.

HRiS365- a free employee management solution(i.e., upto 25 active employees) aimed for small businesses, start-ups, students, and fans of HRMS.

And as per the Gartner: 75% of all ERP projects fail: concerns about implementing the new system, lack of transparent communication, Consultation gap,  upgrade and update lacks etc… so we want to give option for the evaluation of HRMS before start paying.

We offer virtually every feature you have come to expect from a Employee Management application, Such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Database and Self Service
  • Attendance and Leave Management
  • Travel and Reimbursements
  • Loan Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Performance Appraisal
  • HR Analytics

And a modern concepts and models such as:

  • Mobile App, Web Based & SAAS
  • GPS Location based Mark employee attendance
  • Open APIs and lot more…

So, if you are serious about getting top of the line Employee management, and want it free, you have found your solution!

Far too many people simply don’t have the extra funding to invest in a product, specifically something that they’ve never tried. In our experience, these are the people that could benefit the most from a free product.

As a free product, many people are instinctively hesitant to try. HRiS365 is here to prove why free services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Craigslist are universally recognized and appreciated.

We aren’t here to change the world, but rather spread the word that free has finally arrived.

-Pravin Parmar | Founder & CEO HRiS365.com

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