Performance Management

  • Multiple frameworks for feedback and review cycles
  • Multi Stakeholder feedback (360 degree)
  • Ongoing tracking
  • Weighted average for each KPI
  • Interim review
  • Customizable Unit of measurement

Set processes and timelines

Have liberty to carry out appraisal process on demand of company policies, be it annually, semi-annually, quarterly, role based.

Define appraisal process which can be viewed by employee at start of year and let them know about appraisal cycles and review mechanism.

Define Goal and Targets

Define milestones, targets depending on roles and responsibilities of employee.

Lay out outcome on achievement of milestones goals for motivation, rewards and recognition.

The software will provide you flexibility to define custom rating scales for all your goals and competencies.

Set KRAs and KPIs as per job responsibilities for group or individual employees.

Self-appraisal and review

Employees will have freedom to appraise themselves and submit their achievements and accomplishments for review of their managers.

Let managers judge and assess each sub-ordinates based on their personal feedback and provide recommendations on improvement and appreciations for their personal and professional growth.

Have managers access their past performance and peer comparison.

Normalization and Reports

Have access to varieties of reports to check scores, rankings assigned by managers and their sub-ordinates across organization.

Track growth in salary revision throughout the year for key employees and define normalization bell curve to identify deviation for each rating.

Extract reports on salary variance across different designations and departments.

Promotion and Compensation

Appreciate the work done by employee who align with goal setting and reward them with due compensation, salary revision or designation changes.

Define pay component across different designations and allocate funds to retain top achiever and identify the underachievers.

Have flexibility to allocate funds for distribution of arrears for identified or all employees.

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