Does system have separate ESS, MSS and HR self Service?

Yes, HRiS365 have separate Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service and HR/Admin Self Service

Can I create customize organizational Hierarchies / org units / employee categories?

Yes, HRiS365 will allow you to create multiple locations, Location wise branches, Departments, Sub Departments, Grade/Level, Categories, SBU, Cost/profit centre etc

Does each login have separate dashboard and can they customize it?

Yes, each employee, manager and HR/admin have separate dashboard and dashboard items displayed according to their need

Does software have mobile application in both platforms iOS and Android?

Yes, HRiS365 have mobile app, and hence all employee self service and approvals will be done through mobile

Will I be eligible for lifetime support?

Yes, we are committed to provide lifetime support for ongoing customers.

Can I get immediate support when required or do I need to refer to manuals and videos?

We provide 10am to 7pm support on all working days. We know people hate to read manuals or go thorough video tutorials which continue for hours. Hence we are always here when you need us. In addition to this we also provide user manuals and video libraries for those users who want it.

Does it have Setup wizards for easy implementation?

Yes, As soon as one signups, they will receive a steps for implementation. Moreover HRiS365 provides free data migration and implementation service for all clients so that they don’t have to do tidious work and worried about migration

Does HRiS365 dig a hole in pocket?

Yes, HRiS365 is designed keeping SMEs in the centre and hence our pricing are very much comfortable for SMEs. It is costing less than cup of tea for an employee

Is there any hidden cost or extra charges?

No, we provide free data migration and implementation to all our clients and there are no hidden charges. You pay as you go based on per employee per month

Do you provide onsite deployment and web based solution?

Yes, we do provide onsite deployment for larger companies and web based solution is designed for SMEs

Is my data secured?

Your data is completely secured, we are one of partners for Amazon and all data are stored in 256bit SSL encryption.

Do I need to take regular backups?

No, we take care of all backups for you. Our server runs 24*7 and there is no need to take backup.

What happen to my data if I want to discontinue service?

Your data is completely yours, you can download the data or request the company to provide the data in form of excels

Can I get all reports from system?

HRiS365 has inbuild around 300+ reports and moreover you can customize report as per your needs

Does system provide me alerts for compliance and social events?

Yes, you can access all compliance related updates are prompted by system well in advance and you are notified for each birthdays and work anniversaries

Can I create separate rule groups and assign to individual employees for limited access?

Yes, you can create infinite groups and give them page-wise access control for read, edit & delete rights for each page

Does application provide preloaded data and formats for HR Manuals and other policies?

Yes, application gets loaded with predefined templates for your reference which can be downloaded and change as per company’s requirement

Do you have GPS tracking feature available?

Yes, You can monitor on real time the position of your employees using GPS on their smartphones & also use it for their attendance time-in & time-out features.

Self Service

Would I be able to capture all employee related details like his personal details, emergency contact details etc

Yes, Also, now you can provide individual access to all employees where they can update their own information

Does Org Charts are readily available based on hirerarchy, departments or roles?

Yes, you can have multiple organization charts layout for your ready reference like Organogram, designation hierarchy, reporting manager structure etc…

Can I map multiple reporting managers to employee?

Yes, you can currently set two reporting managers against each employee

Can I have different condition for approvals for each action?

Yes, You can have either “OR” , “AND” combinations i.e., whether attendance would require any one manager approval whereas travel would require both manager approval

Can I easily transfer employee from one unit to another?

It happens with a click of single button and all history of employees are well maintained

Can I have choice for polling?

Yes, you can easily set the choices of options which can be provided to employees for polling

Can I store employee specific documents like PAN Card, Aadhar card etc ?

Yes, you are provided with document library each employee wise where either HR/Admin or employee can upload their documents

Does it provide personal HR library for document storage?

Yes, you can have separate HR document library for storing offer letters, Bonds and other private documents

Can I receive regular feedback from employee?

Yes, you can receive feedback from employee on regular basis

When a reporting manager changes for a manager handling large number of employees, can I transfer all reportees to new manager?

Yes, you can just transfer the team from existing manager to new manager

Will all employee able to read the company policies?

Yes, all the company policy which are uploaded will be accessed across the organization

Will New employee be able to accept and read policy before entering into system?

Yes, there is Accept and read policies and announcement option and after login it will be displayed and after acceptance only it will enter to employee dashboard.

Shift Management

Does software able to handle night shift functionality?

Yes, while defining the shift timing one can mention whether shift is night shift or not.

Can I have flexible and time based shift?

Yes, you can define infinite Flexible and time based shifts as per organization need

Can I have standard shift or rotation shift?If rotation how frequently can I set rotation?

Yes, you can define one shift for all or can have rotational shift to set of employees. Moreover you can set rotation based on from date to date selection basis

Can I import the shift of employees ?

Yes, you can import shift of employees also if it is readily available with you

I have different work timings on Saturdays? Can I assign two shift to employees?

Yes, you can have different timing for Saturday and assign same to set of employees

Attendance Management

Late/Early Calculation

One can define late/early by way of defining grace period, maximum late or early minutes allowed and no. of times it should be granted. Moreover all this configuration can be defined based on shift/location also

Can I have deduction of attendance based on our requirement?


Can I integrate with Biometric, punching device, or face recognition device?

Yes, Absolutely our system can integrate with more than 120+ devices

Can I apply for attendance through web if I don't have biometric or any devices?

Yes, you can submit attendance request either from mobile or web. Also you can mark based on the GPS location tracking option

Can I also import attendance of workers in my factory?


Can I have our own logic for calculation of work hours?

Yes, you can have any logic of works in combination of total hours, break hours and out hours.

Can I define separate weekly off for each location or employees?

System provides complete flexibility in terms of defining weekly off based on multiple location or one can define at employee level also

Does system able to add or delete punches?

Yes, you have flexibility in adding and deletion of any punch or even you can edit the existing punch with previliges, machine punches will remain original in all cases

Can I submit correction request in case my punch is missing?

Yes, one can submit correction request and it will go for approval as defined in system

Can I submit request for late coming or early going?


Will System able to handle overtime scenarios?

Yes, you can define the number of hours one should work to generate overtime and have different logic for overtime calculation

Can I provide comp-off for weekly off, holidays or overtime?

Yes, you can define specific comp-off policy for generating half day comp-off or full-day comp-off in scenarios handling weekly off, holidays and overtime

Can one generate salary for overtime worked instead of comp-off

Yes, you can have salary payout for over time worked in case of comp-off generated also

Can I define my own salary rates for overtime and can I change at employee level?

Yes, we never come across your organization rules and same can be handled effectively at employee level

Can I limit the duration to avail comp-off?


Can one submit attendance in advance if he is on duty but at different location


Leave Management

Can I have my own leave calendar different from financial calendar?

Yes, system gives you flexibility to set different financial and leave calendar

Will system allow me to set my own leave codes?

Yes, system gives you flexbility in setting multiple leave codes of your own

What customization of leave rules can I do?

Yes, you can decide the credit frequency of leave based on monthly, quartely, annually, fixed or attendance basis, probation applicability, Sandwich, Group applicable etc..

Can I have separate leave rules as per grades within organization?

Yes, you can assign leave rules even employeewise, gradewise, designationwise, location wise in the system

Can I have carry forward rule applicable?


Can I have different rules applicable for probation?


Can I define sandwich rules?

Yes, one can define full sandwich rule or partial sandwich rule as per company’s need

Will employee be able to apply full day and half day leave at a same time?

Yes, employee can apply any combination of leave while making a leave application

Will manager able to reject partial leaves?

Yes manager would be able to reject partial leaves from leave application

Claim and Reimbursement Management

Can employee submit their claims through mobile?

Yes, absolutely employees are free to submit their claims on the move

Can I put an expense cap based on locations or designation?

Yes, You can put restriction at employee level as well

Will employee able to submit reimbursement claims even if there is no travel available?

Yes, they can submit reimbursement claims for petrol Allowance, Mobile and other charges

Can I have approval before making travel?

Yes, one can submit travel plan and if approved the attendance can also be regularized

Can employee raise advance claim before making travel?

Yes, employee can raise a advance claim before making travel

Can I pay reimbursement or travel expenses along with salary?

Yes, you can pay along with salary or different from salary also

Asset Management

Can I track the assets allocated to employee?Can I have asset value, taxable value, serial no. and other details of asset?

Yes, you can allocate asset to resource and also create an asset for asset value, taxable value, purpose of asset, it’s basic details

Will employee able to see asset allocated?


Will asset inventory be tracked?


Will system raise a flag if employee resigns but do not submit the assets?

Yes, system provides an alert of list of recoverable and department clearance as soon as employee resigns.

Can I import asset in single click?


Payroll Processing

Can I have my own salary heads?

Yes, you can have all together different salary heads

Can I run payroll monthwise or can I run in mid of month

Yes, payroll can be processed at any given point of time

How much complex is salary processing?

It is just single click process for processing salary

Can arrears payment be made along with salary or outside the salary?

It depends on how company wanted and can be done in both the manner

Can it handle increment easily based on % increment or fixed value increment?

Yes, you can handle both increments by increase in % or fixed value

Can I setup multiple salary structure?

Yes, you can create multiple salary structures, also you can create your own formula for creation of salary components

Can I generate full and final settlement report?


Will bank statement for paying salaries would be available as per bank formats


Will reimbursement claims and Travel can be included in salaries?

Yes, if it is as per company policy it can handle both situation where one can pay with the salary or outside the salary

Can employee submit investment declaration online?

Yes, as per latest government compliance employee can submit investment declaration online itself for calculation of TDS

Will employee able to download payslips?

Yes it can be shown to employees as well as restrict same also

Can I upload documents against investment declaration?

Yes, employees are free to upload their investment declaration and attach proof as required

All statutory reports and challans of PF, ESIC, PT, LWF, Income tax available with E-TDS integration?


Does it calculate bonus calculations?


Does it have the facility of maintaining exempted firms PF trust, gratuity and superannuation fund and required challans?


Loan and Salary Advance

Does it calculate complicated loan calculations on simple, reducing or on PMT methods?

Yes, system can handle interest bearing as well as non interest bearing loans

Can I change EMI, Tenure or approved amount in middle of loan?


Will EMI be direct debit from salary of employees?


Can employee request for extension of loan or non deduction of EMI for certain period?


Will system provide me an alert on total loans and advance taken by employee and prompt for recovery in case employee resigns?


Performance Appraisal

Who can define KRAs and KPIs in the system?


Incase of KRAs and KPIs are defined by employee will it come for approaval?


Can employee/manager/HR set different KRAs KPIs based on employee or designation?


Will system provide me flexibility in having different Unit of measurement for each KPIs?


Can I assign weightage to each KPIs?


Can I have periodic target setting instead of annually, semi annually or quarterly?


Can I have separate period for performance appraisal for different set of employees?


Does system have 360* appraisal where outsider review can also be taken?


Can I set performance improvement plan for employees?


Recruitment Management

Can I source candidates from different sources?


Can I raise multiple requisitions and provide access to set of employees?


Can I source CV within company via Internal job posting or referral scheme?


Can I integrate my website for getting CV directly against requisitions?


Can I have offer letter sent directly from system through and approval process?


Can I conduct multiple round of interviews and know exact status of any CV?


Can I ask interviewer to rate the candidate and take feedback for same?


Can I convert candidate to employee easily?



Can I integrate software with ERP or accounting Solution?


Can I build my own solution on top of your solution? Will you provide open APIs?

Yes, we provide open APIs where one can develop other solution on top of our solution

Will you provide desktop application?

Yes, Web is superset of desktop. We can deploy in LAN and can work like desktop based client server network

Will I be provided training for using software and do you charge extra?

Yes, we do provide online and offline training and we do not charge extra for webinar or online training

What is uptime guaranteed?

We provide 99.99% uptime guarantee

Do you provide special pricing for Education institutes or NGOs?

Yes, we have special pricing for Education institutes and NGOs